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Looking For A Better Fundraiser Idea?

Laser Xtreme in Cleveland and our other locations have been making donations to worthy causes for over 13 years ... but now there's an even bigger way to help!

Fundraiser events include 4 hours of unlimited laser tag for up to 200 people, and are available Monday - Thursday, holidays excluded.

Your fundraising event can be held during the day or in the evening.

Your organization can book a laser tag fundraiser on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday for only $500, and keep all the revenues that you raise.

Your organization can raise more than $1,000 in a single afternoon or night:

If you bring:

60 people @ $15 = $900
You keep $400!

60 people @ $20 = $1,200
You keep $700!

80 people @ $15 = $1,200
You keep $700!!

80 people @ $20 = $1,600
You keep $1,100!

100 people @ $15 = $1,500
You keep $1,000!!!

100 people @ $20 = $2,000
You keep $1,500!

Of course, you can charge even more to raise more money!

Laser Xtreme will also provide you with pre-sale tickets at your request free of charge(!) to help you maximize sales.

Optional drinks, food, party rooms, and/or unlimited video games are also available for an additional charge. All laser tag fundraiser events must allow casual walk-in players to participate.

For more information on fundraising, birthday parties, group events, or laser tag in general, don't hesitate to call us.

Reservations are necessary.
Fundraisers are NOT available Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights,
 nor are they available on holidays.

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